Gran Canaria Attractions About This Site (under construction)

A Demonstration of ProcessWire

This site provides a collection of attractions in Gran Canaria and enables you to browse them by location, architect and various other factors. While much of the attractions data should be accurate, it is not necessarily comprehensive, up-to-date or complete. This site was built to serve as a help for travel and tour planing.

The skyscraper data is compiled and imported from information available at both Freebase and Wikipedia. The data has since been populated further to fill holes in several fields like height, floors, and year. Currently there are still several holes in the data, especially with regard to architects and missing buildings. However, the data is complete enough to be useful in this context.

Quick and Simple

This site is not intended to be a model of good design nor is it attempting to push any envelopes. Instead, the site was intentionally kept quick and simple in the way it's designed/developed to best function as a demonstration of ProcessWire. While the scale and functionality of this site is fairly basic, this site will continue to expand for demonstration purposes. 

Why all the Latin text?

The text content for the Skyscrapers site originally comes from Wikipedia. On the off chance that some of the text is incorrect or was improperly posted to Wikipedia, I didn't want to be the one responsible for distributing it. I can easily change the text on the skyscrapers site that runs on my server, but once someone downloads this profile, it's out of my hands. As a result, I figured it was safest to replace any text I didn't personally write with placeholder latin text. After all, the purpose of this profile is to demonstrate ProcessWire and not the skyscrapers themselves. Though the skyscrapers site that runs on my server is both to demonstrate the skyscrapers and ProcessWire. So if you are interested and want to read about the skyscrapers and see more photos, etc., please visit the Skyscrapers site at

Why aren't there many photos?

See the section above on why we're using Latin text. The lack of photos is for the same reason. Basically, if I didn't personally take the photo, I figured we shouldn't be distributing it in a site profile. While all the photos are Wikimedia commons, I didn't want to take the chance that any of them were incorrectly licensed that way.


If you have any questions about ProcessWire or this site, please feel free to contact us.